In 2019 I stumbled across a YouTuber from India named Kesh. He was about to kick off his first ever drawing challenge called "100 Days of Sketching." Kesh said that the only way to improve your drawing skills was to pick up a pencil (or marker, or stylus) and draw every day, for at least five minutes. He challenged his viewers to follow along for 100 days and to post their work online under the hashtag he created (#100daysofsketchingofficial). 
Since I became a full-time graphic designer, I didn't really draw much anymore. I wanted to improve my illustrations, so I decided to participate. This really got me out of my comfort zone. Not only did I have to draw something every day, I had to post it online for the world to see! I never missed a day and always posted my works, no matter how bad I thought they were. I had an absolute blast and I learned a lot of traditional and digital techniques. 
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